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Connecticut K-8 Educational Achievement Gap

Connecticut needs a comprehensive center focused on expanding educational choices for low-income children. This includes scholarships, a professional resource center and, alternative education pathways.

Many of the parents of children in low-income household’s face challenges that high-income households do not confront. They also lack access to funds that would enable them to enroll their children in schools that might better fit the unique needs of the student and his or her family.

Although differences in family income appear to have a consistent effect on student academic performance in Connecticut’s public schools, as presented in the accompanying paper, there is little discernible correlation between state education spending and academic outcomes.

The best way to improve educational outcomes over the long term will be when we enhance economic opportunity and mobility across Connecticut.

CTCEE offers support, leadership, and innovative solutions in partnership with families, educators and communities to ensure that all children receive an excellent education that honors their uniqueness.

Early indications are that demand for alternative options is growing rapidly in Connecticut. Since CTCEE opened, over 900 qualified families have submitted scholarship applications from 78 Connecticut cities, with parents choosing 36 accredited K-8 private schools.

Connecticut’s public schools have left children from low-income households behind. The success stories from scholarship recipients who attend non-traditional private K-8 schools offer hope for making a positive change in the trajectories of those children’s lives —- which will have a positive impact not only for them, but for all of us.

CTCEE is working to hasten the day when all parents have a voice in their children’s education —– and the opportunity to choose the path that offers them the best, most hopeful path forward in life.
We invite you to join us in this exciting enterprise. Educational opportunity transforms children’s lives!


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