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CTCEE Is Here To Help...

Scholarships for Low Income Families

Professional Opportunity Resource Center

Alternative Education Pathways

Parent Involvement in Their Child’s Education

Why does Connecticut need CTCEE? Watch this video

Where CTCEE Applications Have Come From

The map below shows the nearly 100 Connecticut cities and towns who have applied for a CTCEE scholarship. Just zoom in to see where all of the applications are coming from.


"My scholarship has helped me understand that someday I can be a lawyer to help other parents and kids just like me – people who will need my help. My school teaches us new values every month." -Bridgeport student, 8th grade

Leave a Lasting Legacy in Connecticut Your Donations Make These Scholarships Possible

I have been supporting scholarship programs for many years.  It is one of the most productive uses of my philanthropic dollars.  It provides me with more satisfaction than almost anything else I do.

There is nothing more inspiring and uplifting than hearing the stories of young student lives turned around by the quality of their education.  With scholarship support, families can take their children from failing schools and place them in successful schools.  And that will make all the difference.

I am happy to make that happen.

Ken Boudreau, Advocate, Scholarships for Low-Income Families